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Playboy October 1978

$7.50 - Fine

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 Dolly Parton
 Marcy Hanson
 Denise Creedon (Researcher)
 Girls of the PAC 10:
  • Nancy Amons
  • Suzanne Birket
  • Karen Blessing
  • Denise Bradley
  • Marilee Buster
  • Victoria Cooke
  • Erica Edwards
  • Lindy Edwards
  • Wanelle Fitch
  • Laurel Haniman
  • Sarah Henry
  • Helen Hestenes
  • Lisa Lewis
  • Donna Marie Barrington
  • Kirsten Reed
  • Martha Thomsen
  • Toni Turner
 Scenes from the movie In Praise of Older Women:
  • Karen Black
  • Alexandra Stewart
  • Helen Shaver
 Dolly Parton
20 Questions:
 Cheryl Tiegs
 Leon Spinks
 The Dark Side of Rum
 Falling Angel (Part 1)(William Hjortsberg)
 The Inner Game of Sex (Robert Shea)
 Kings Don't Mean a Thing (Arthur Bell)
 Playboy's Fall and Winter Forecast
 Selection of Watches & Bracelets (Modern Living)
 Ivy League Shirts
Ribald Classic:
 A Tale of Silent Cunning (Matteo Bandello)
 A Handsomely Mounted History of Sex Part 8 (Arnold Roth)

Plus the Playboy Sex Poll, Big Vehicles, Little Annie Fanny and more!
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